Are Polar Seal tops safe?

The Polar Seal electrical elements are low voltage (5V) and can be safely used in clothing. The maximum temperature reached on the surface of each heating element is 50°C / 122°F and it is limited by a controlling thermostat. Further, the zip-top is CE approved.

What types of Power banks shall I use?

The Polar Seal zip tops are powered by an external 5V compact USB power bank of 2A or more (with USB-A connector) (not provided) delivering 5,000 to 10,000 mAh, which you can procure online or from most electronics stores in your country. This open compatibility allows you to choose the power bank of your liking, in terms of brand name, size, capacity, color etc. 

Where do I insert the Power Bank?

You insert this power bank in the left pocket and connect it to the USB plug located inside the pocket. You can use the right pocket to carry your phone, wallet, or an extra power bank for longer heating time. The USB pocket dimensions are 21 cm of height and 11 cm of width. 

How long can I stay warm?

Using a 10,000 mAh power bank, one heating zone at a low level, your zip top will keep you warm for up to 8 hours. With a 5,000mA power bank, two heating zones at maximum level, your zip top will keep you warm for around 4 hours.

If necessary, you can use the spare right pocket to store an extra power bank, thereby extending the heating time to a whole day.

How do I wash my Polar Seal?

The Polar Seal heated tops can be washed by hand with warm water and an ordinary mild detergent. They should however not be ironed. The USB connector is protected during wash once you cover it with the built-in rubber cover.

What type of textile is the Polar Seal made of?

The Polar Seal zip tops are designed with a mix of polyester and elastane, providing body protection, skin comfort, breathability, and flexibility.

Can I use my zip-top for water sports?

The Polar Seal heating elements can withstand water. However, the zip-top cannot be used for water sports, because it is too heavy, and the power bank would be damaged by immersion into water. Note however that the two pockets are made out of a water-resistant textile, so it is fine to use the zip-top outdoor under a mild rain even if you do not wear an outer layer.

How do orders work?

We usually need 2-3 working days to ship your heated zip-top. Upon dispatch, we will send you an email notification with your tracking number. Depending on your location, delivery may take 5-10 days. Once you have ordered, you can still cancel within 15 days and we shall refund your credit card.

How do I get more information?

The Polar Seal zip tops come with a detailed instruction book. Please also feel free to write to us for more information.