Instruction Book:

Please read the Instruction Book before you start using your heated top for the first time. It contains important safety information. 

You can find the Instruction Books below for the Zip-Top:

(Instruction Books for the Parka/Vest/Hoodie will be available in November)

First-time use:

To start your POLAR SEAL, please follow the following steps:

  1. Make sure that you have read the Instruction Book
  2. Use a Power Bank which outputs 5V 2A with a USB type-A. DO NOT attempt to connect your POLAR SEAL to a USB charger, a wall DC charger or a computer. In case of doubt, please check the Power bank section on our website.
  3. Connect the power bank to the USB connector inside the left pocket.
  4. Long press the ON button on the left sleeve (press for over 4 seconds) until the button lights up.


Q: My POLAR SEAL turns off after a few minutes on high power.

A: You are probably using an old or poor quality power bank that fails to deliver the amount of current required for this setting (1.75A). Please check that you are using a power bank with an output of at least 2A. If the problem persists, you may need to procure another power bank from a more reputable vendor/brand name.

Q: The POLAR SEAL LED Buttons blink yellow.

A: This signal indicates that the heat sensors circuit is broken. Please disconnect the power bank, stop using the zip top, and contact us by email.

Q: The POLAR SEAL LED Buttons blink red.

A: This signal indicates that the heating pads circuit is broken. Please disconnect the power bank, stop using the zip top, and contact us by email.

Q: My POLAR SEAL turns off when I walk, run or move strongly.

A: This may probably be caused by an intermittent connection between the zip top USB connector and the power bank USB connector. 

Power Bank

Q: My power bank makes a small hum noise. is that normal?

A: A small hum noise may be emitted by your power bank, especially at high heat setting. This is a normal phenomenon created by a small transformer inside the power bank. If the hum noise, however, is loud, there may be something wrong with your power bank. Stop using it and get a new one. If an otherwise quiet charger starts to make a sound, then discharge the charger and stop using it, as it may be shorting inside and possibly cause a fire.


From new, your power bank may require one or two charge/discharge cycles to reach peak efficiency.
To preserve battery life, be sure to fully charge your power bank at least every 3 months.
Do not use a power bank with reversible USB type-A connector (also called 1-take USB). While such female USB connector allows the insertion of the zip top USB plug in either direction, it may not be tight enough, and an intermittent connection could lead to your zip-top buttons (and heat pads) going on and off, especially when you walk or run.